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Ah the dear old Braodway, that was the last Soundcraft board I really liked, you are correct though very unreliable, definately an install board. Any desk has the chance to fail just the same as any other piece of equipment we use. I have had analogue consoles fail on me as well as digital ones. Not always catastrophic but always annoying.
Having said that I have had an IDR10 / 112 now for about 5 years also had some faults with it, but “touch wood” never lost a show so far. The console is not installed, it does tour, it does get left in open fields doing outdoor gig’s. Sure it is treat with respect but not kid gloves. Bottom line is I would not go back to an analogue console with it’s attendant racks of outboard gear now, I am used to the facilities available on my iLive at the touch of a button. To my ears and in my humble opinion it is one of the best sounding consoles out there analogue or didital. Support on the console is very good (again my opinion) I guess I am a fan[:D]