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in the digital world you´ve to accept that the systems may be instable.

Very disconcerting thoughts! we are in the business of providing a “service” where failure is not an option! under no circumstances should a show be cancelled or refunded because your gear failed…..and I certainly do not expect digital systems to “fail” or be unstable!? just because its digital!

And (no offence) but I don’t care how good your A&H service rep or shop is , if there is no audio halfway thru the show you are definitely in a mess.

If there is a possible fault with the motherboards on Idr 48 then some kind of investigation of this will find the cause…….and cure…..

Redundant iDr s ……. If any of you are doing this effectively I would certainly love to hear about your setup…….

About 10 years ago, a famous canadian singer toured the world with a large multi truck stadium/arena show.
The FOH console in use was the infamous soundcraft “broadway” . Few ever knew that, in the many,many “broadway” crashes and hang ups, the main PA was fed a simple stereo mix from the monitor’s analog series 5 console, thereby salvaging the show!!!!!


food for thought!