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Stink! My IDR48/T112 (V1.70) just failed with the exact same symptoms as Mario’s(aqstyk)post. After startup there was no audio and selected channel Gain Reduction meters were on full. Then when the system was rebooted I just got a mixrack Boot error. NOT GOOD!! Happened at the start of a Festival and had to abandon the iLive and go analogue.

I would suggest to all iLive users (as Deltamax already has) to have a backup mixer with you until A&H can find a cause/fix for this unexpected catastrophic system failure. That makes five users in this thread so far (myself included)with a mixrack boot failure. It would be interesting to know if it’a a specific hardware model etc – Tonmike/Mario – what are your systems and firmware versions?. Mine and Gunters are IDR48/T112 on firmware V1.70 and 1.71
Lets hope it’s something that can be sorted – very soon!


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd