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I have a Motion tablet running Editor. I really don’t like the fact that everything is crammed in tight and you have to be very precise with movements. That’s fine for when you’re sitting still, but standing on stage or walking around I find it quite impractical. And using a stylus on the tablet screen doesn’t really feel “right” to me (although WAY better than a trackpad/mouse thats for sure). Plus on long shows the tired old battery on my old Motion tablet just doesn’t cut it… and I don’t always remember to keep it charging. And the tablet is bulky. And I keep misplacing the damn stylus! (I’m easily distracted in the “heat of the battle” [:)] )

I’ve been using iTweak on an iPad and it is WAY more “elegant” to use on the fly. Big controls… finger touch… lightweight. You’re certainly correct about accidentally touching something on the iPad… but personally I feel just as intimidated having to pay close attention to what i’m actually touching with the stylus on a crowded tablet screen.

But all I can do with it is basic tweaking. So I’m very eager to see what this new iPad app will do!! I want to stand beside the artist and perfect his monitor mix right there with him.