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Shortly after posting the issue I was having, I found the cause of the headache. The console plus the mixrack are given 3 factory IP addresses: , & . This can be a little confusing because the console will only show the first two addresses on one of the network screens. The third address, in my case, was for the on-board touchscreen… If you are running two consoles & mixracks on a single network, the second consoles address need to run – so that both consoles and mixracks will appear on the network… When addressing the router, it is important to clear the address that are already used on the network ( – by addressing the router AT LEAST one digit above (ex. If their are no other network devices on your network, go ahead and start the router 10 digits higher for a safety blanket… Originally, my router was fighting with the surface and causing signal drop… (These steps should also help users who are running dual surfaces and racks who cannot see the second console on the network due to IP conflicts.) After reconfiguring all IP addresses, I have not had a single issue. I hope this helps.

Justin Sumrall
2-T112 2-IDR48