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I’m sure the answer is included in one of the responses above, but still felt the need to clarify a little further.

Digital Mic Split:
– You will need two ACE cards, because each rack pretty much operates independently, because channels are processed independently. You use the ACE cards as a way to route signals between consoles. Yes, you can use the local inputs on the Mon desk, and route them to the house, but preamp control is on the Mon desk.

Dual Rack Mode:
– One ACE card on the Master Rack. This ACE connection is used to route signal between the two racks. All your output busses are routed through this card. Processing for the Slave rack is done at the Slave Rack, that is why those inputs can only be routed to channels 65 and up.
– You need to patch the network bridge Cat5 between the PortB ACE card and the iDR network port so the Master iDR has control over the Slave iDR.
– Outputs can be patched into whatever socket in whatever rack you want. That is the whole function of the PortB ACE card on the Master rack.

Hope this clears things out a little.

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