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Yeah using “prefab” scenes works and thats what I do – but when you do shows with around 100 or so scenes it’s a lot of copy/pasting. Try copying one scene to 100 “prefab” locations – you will find even with multi select it’s not a quick process. Then if you want just the odd scene to save say just certain parameters you can do this manually – or have another “prefab -no2” scene which you would then need to find, then copy to the correct scene location, then update. With fast moving theatre rehearsals thats not fast enough to program.
I have also previously suggested a scene “preview” mode which would make theatre programming much easier – i.e the abilty to view a scene (virtual) and edit/save it without it being the active scene. Perhaps a “preview Flip” like the GEQ flip or even if this could be done in a special laptop Editor mode? The name “Editor” would make more sense then.
Don’t suggest connecting in offline mode as programming online (Surface) and offline (Editor) at the same time means you are working on two different show versions that can’t merge programmed changes.
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