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Originally posted by Bob Bickerton

Consequently I set up a generic show scene to control input channel faders and mutes (not including effects returns – which I wanted to retain live control over). I then copied this generic scene through the show and ‘updated’ it to reflect each different scene. (Which is where my request for a ‘scene parameter preference’ option would seem less clumsy.



Hi Bob – “Scene parameter preference” Yeah this has been requested by many other (mainly theatre) users and is definitely required! I called it a “Scene save library” – call it what you like but we certainly need a more flexible scene save system! I’d like to see something like save buttons in addition to the existing “Save All” & “Update” – such as have a couple of Custom nameable Save buttons – User Save 1, User Save 2, All I/P Levels, 1-32 M&F, …. etc etc – with each of those buttons representing a custom save parameter library. Heres hoping.


Richard Howey
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