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Currently involved in Blood Brothers, which is the first musical I’ve set up and operated myself using the iLive (though I’ve set up three shows for other operators).

Consequently, I’m probably being overly cautious at this stage!

My overall settings are saved as a ‘show’ and these are updated with different show versions periodically.

In terms of scenes I’ve set up a pre-show – everything muted, then band, then a series of scenes opening/setting levels on channels as required.

Regarding the band, I decided that any prescribed channel parameters (EQ, compression, etc) would probably remain constant during the show. Same applies to vocal radio mic channels, but perhaps more importantly, I didn’t want to save vocal mic eq and pre-amp settings in scenes in case we had to swap out a mic, or if the capsule was positioned differently on an individual and an entire show ‘tweak’ was required..

Consequently I set up a generic show scene to control input channel faders and mutes (not including effects returns – which I wanted to retain live control over). I then copied this generic scene through the show and ‘updated’ it to reflect each different scene. (Which is where my request for a ‘scene parameter preference’ option would seem less clumsy.

Running through technical/dress rehearsals I’ve adjusted the mix, both for radios and for band and updated scenes as I’ve gone. So during the show, my mix is just about there and I’m tweaking from a good starting point.

I think in future and with more preparation time, I’d look to automate effects returns and parameters and monitor sends.


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