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my first 20 scenes are reserved for pl 6 functions
then i have a so called “reset” scene (flatten console strips are numbers again)as i work 90% with mic amp split (30 channels front,30 channels monitor)
maybe my console layout: layer 1 all inputs – foh, layer 3 all monitor channels, the layers in between i use for whatever. This is done like this for babysitting (engineers who dont know the console)
works fine.

i have 1 prepared scene wich is called moni only (mix sends of channels 31 to 60) eqs of those and so on. as soon i have a monitor situation ready to store i copy this one to my wanted number and hit “update scene”.kepps it slim. this i use only for “productions” i mean for bands i work often and have time to go further into their show.
and of course ,for this case, a front only,where everything wich is in the moni scene is excluded.

for little festivals (if there is time for soundcheck for more than one band)i make “store all” scenes for every band,then once the crowd is in and the front eq readjusted i put the master faders into scene safe mode.

and last but not least i have one scene, where everything is muted, only deejay channels are on (for aftershow deejay) and there i have a trick: two mono matrixes named left and right in the coulour of my my real masters-the “real masters” are hidden (not visible in any layer)with limiter on[;)] – i can go home and the deejay thinks he is running full power heheh


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced there is a yamaha conspiracy against the release of the dante )