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As this thread answered my question perfectly I felt I would post and bump this up for anyone else going to a FOH/Mon setup.

I just got my T-80 and iDR16 to go with the T-112 and iDR32 I had.

I was able to split the mic inputs from the iDR32 over to the Mon setup no problem, even bussed the house music feed and FOH talkback over the ACE. Worked with not problems whatsoever.

Sam is not surprisingly dead on, I was using the iDR16 as a set of inputs as we had 3 bands backlined on stage and needed every input I could. Wasn’t till the first line check I realized I had not control of the mic pre’s on the iDR16.

This would be a great option, allow you to control the mic pres on the second rack in a Split configuration. I mean we are using ACE, Audio and Control over Ethernet afterall.

Stephen Tyler
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