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An example: I do a show with both T112 surface and editor connected.
I’d like to be able to store the entire show on my laptop’s editor session on HD and STILL be sure that that show file also covers the setting on my T112 for instance.

Suppose I’m a rental company and I decide to take another T112 to the show next time. I would like to be able to load the show using the editor, to start ringing out monitors and STORING THOSE NEW SETTINGS IN SOME SCENES (while my T112 is still used on another job for instance. Then later connect the T112 and be able to choose to use all settings for the T112 that are present in the show that’s already loaded in the IDR, WITHOUT HAVING TO LOAD A SHOW FILE WITH SCENES THAT ARE ALREADY OUTDATED BY NOW!!!

There is no problem in doing what you describe. As long as when you have the surface connected you connect editor “Online Surface and Mix Rack”, and when the surface is not available connect “Online Mix Rack Only”, with a virtual T112 surface, then you can load your show, make adjustments to the mix, and save the show – to recall when you connect the surface to the system.

iLive is an extensible distrbuted processing system. Currently we have the option of dual Mix Racks, each of which store their own scene settings, in the future we hope to offer dual (or indeed multiple) surfaces, if we can solve the technical problems. Keeping the scene system distributed, is faster, and will allow us more flexiblity going forward.

Antony Jackson
Software Manager
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