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On this show, I have 42 scenes, a mixture of live orch in the pit and pre recorded sequences…….

As with lawbass61, I have a “master” scene with everything in it…..booting up with all mics muted…..I reserved scenes 99 and 100 (assigned to softkeys) as mute/unmute buttons…….the other scenes (all midi triggered from a Cricket/Qlab rig) contain only changes pertinent to that event, such as eq changes, dynamics,fx fader levels etc..

I use an R-72…..so yes the strip assignment is a must……..I do have an editor running on a laptop at FOH showing everything just in case but its nice to have all the control at your finger tips …….I will do this again on an upcoming show where I will max out the surface so, technically same show but with podium (lectern) mics added for pre show ceremonies, (my new scene 101…. same as sc1 but with a different strip assign for the podiums mics)…..as soon as I launch scene1, the podium mics are gone from the surface and replaced by my recorder returns …..