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I do mostly theatre work, and mine is basically the same.
Scene 1 is called “setup”, it stores all set-up, monitor settings, EQ, etc. Everything is muted here.
Scene 2 is what I call “Preshow”-its where I do pre-show mic check, line check, etc. Everything is started muted here so when the system is started, I never get any unexpected issues. In that Pre-Show scene, everything is set basically where I plan to start the show, so I have no surprises. For instance, this is where all the mic-pres are set, then scene safed, so if a performer is overly loud/soft that particular night, I can quickly adjust it and know its good for the rest of the show.

Scene 3 is always “Music only” where once we are ready to open the house, pre-show music is played.

Scene 4 is always “Orchestra only” once we are ready to start the show. The pre-show music is always muted here, and stays that way until Intermission Scene.

Scenes 5-whatever are scenes with individual fader movements, any special effects that need to come on, etc. If a performer changes character name, each scene will reflect the character name in that particular scene.

Intermission Scene where everything is muted except piped music.

End of show” scene is post show piped music, with all all inputs off so that if I forget to recall Scene 2, I still get no unexpected surprises.

Jonathan Wade
Suburban Legend Audio