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I hope that helps…

Antony Jackson
Software Manager
Allen & Heath Limited

Hello Antony, yes this explanation helps a lot. But I’d really like to propose these things:

1 Please, please, please, please, put the scene names in the IDR.

2. The option of separating strip assignment from the scene system and put it, at least for the editor, in a “mixer layout” file or something. OR have them stored centrally but not as scenes.

In my case I’d propose this structure:

>> etc
>> T80
>>> Wouters FOH layout
>>> My monitor tech’s monitor layout
>>> Etc
>>> Drummer’s own monitor control layout
>>> Wouter’s FOH Layout
>>> My monitor tech’s monitor layout

Is it known if a lot of users are really using strip assignment in scene, to change the strip assignment DURING a show? I would never do that I think…

But if so, why not have every surface identify itself and using that strip assignment for the update and still store it centrally? To me, it seems it would be good to leave the route of storing things on several places and go entirely forcentral storage. I can see that there might be some advantages to not doing this but to me the advantages are more important.

An example: I do a show with both T112 surface and editor connected.
I’d like to be able to store the entire show on my laptop’s editor session on HD and STILL be sure that that show file also covers the setting on my T112 for instance.

Suppose I’m a rental company and I decide to take another T112 to the show next time. I would like to be able to load the show using the editor, to start ringing out monitors and STORING THOSE NEW SETTINGS IN SOME SCENES (while my T112 is still used on another job for instance. Then later connect the T112 and be able to choose to use all settings for the T112 that are present in the show that’s already loaded in the IDR, WITHOUT HAVING TO LOAD A SHOW FILE WITH SCENES THAT ARE ALREADY OUTDATED BY NOW!!!

This is actually a lot more important for my musicians that like to adjust their in-ears. I have a replacement drummer and want him to use the mixer layout that was already created by the previous drummer on his own laptop. I tell him to install the editor on his laptop, then open the program, connect to the IDR, and the system would ask him, if he want to connect as a certain surface, or as a new surface but starting with some mixer layout that’s stored in the show. I’d tell him: or to go ahead and use the

“SHOW> MIXER LAYOUT> EDITOR> DRUMMER” mixer layout (or machine ID for strip assigment update DURING the show) and work with that during the show, OR (if I suppose that he might do some thing that the other drummer won’t like) to create a new layout BASED on the “DRUMMER” layout and call himself “DRUMMER2” for instance…

Still need to do some more thinking though. These are some basic ideas. I hope this can help too :-)

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