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Originally posted by Stix
Hi Wouter – You have made the assumption that a “scene” is kept in the IDR memory – but it is really just the current mixer state that is kept

Hi Richard,

As far as my experience goes, the entire scenelist is really stored in the IDR’s memory. Otherwise I could not do what I’m doing now: create all the scenes for my show with the editor, then deconnect the editor and just recall all those scenes by MIDI program change.

That means that the scene list is indeed stored in the IDR, BUT the scene NAMES do not show up on other machines then the machine where the scene list was created, and that is such a pity!! I mean, if I rename a channel we all think it’s logical that anyone sees that same channel name. It also works that way, but not with the scenes. I think somehow this was overlooked and I can only hope that it’s already on the wishlist.

The indication of the last recalled scene was indeed also discussed in other threads and yes, this too needs to be fixed.