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The problem comes if someone has just selected something on “channel 1” of Layer B, then switched to layer A. They then unmute a vox mic and hit the EQ, forgetting that they needed to change the selection first. Why not have an option to deselect the last channel when they left its layer? Even if nothing else is selected, at least the blank EQ LED’s will be an indicator to select something – much more intuitive for at least half my team!

Well, for me, it’s not a problem to have everything available as it comes out of the box. It’s quite easy for me to “know” that I need to select a channel before changing anything. But that logic doesn’t always work in the brains of new users, who would find it un-necessary, or get confused when the hit the select button anyway and then find they’ve actually deselected the channel in error.

Some users of our board have never mixed sound before, and likely never will do again once they leave employment with us in a year or so’s time. The iLive has been a wonderful and safe platform for them to learn and work on, but of course anything I can do to help make things easier/less confusing/less error-prone for them is a Good Thing™. If *I* make the mistake then I know enough about how to get myself out of the hole. Not everyone does, and we “pro’s” would do well to remember it and adjust our attitudes/expectations accordingly.

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