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(Something else, scenes seem to be kept in the IDR memory as long as no other show is loaded.
That’s great but why are the names of the scenes not shown on a new editor session?!?
Why not store the names of the scenes also centrally and share them amongst all users of the system?)

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!

Hi Wouter – You have made the assumption that a “scene” is kept in the IDR memory – but it is really just the current mixer state that is kept – which is the last recalled scene + any changes! If you adjust just one parameter since a scene recall then it is technically no longer that scene. So what we really need in editor is an indication of the LAST RECALLED SCENE

See this discussion and Stealth’s reply:

Is that what you are meaning? Or do you mean all of the scene names for an entire show should show up in editor? This would mean all show data would need to go to the editor session which would certainly be good!


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