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I use tablet PC. I don’t have surface control. So this is my experience:

I have seen this “system busy” message several times. Actually I wrote here once to complain about it while we were on 1.6x. I was thinking of the lousy java programming being the root of the problem. It can still be part of the problem.

Most of the time I was able to relate this problem to my wi-fi connection.

This is what I do to minimize the occurrence of this annoyance:

Every time I go to a venue I scan the venue’s wi-fi traffic with this simple droid application called “wifi analyzer” and select the best rated wi-fi channel on the wi-fi router. Since I started doing this, I (almost) stopped seeing system busy messages.
It still happened a few times here there. But I think it could be something like a momentary network congestion/packet collusion kinda thing. I’m on 1.71 and last night I saw system busy message only once which didn’t stay more than 3 seconds.

Statistically speaking, if I place the router below head level, I see more of those messages. So I try to stick wi-fi router on top of one of the mains whenever I can.

I also realized that dd-wrt on my router allows me to select channels 12,13,14.
For those who live in the States, our channel range stops at channel#11.
But my motion computing LE1700 doesn’t have any problem connecting to channels beyond 11. However my HP 2710p tablet pc refuses to see the SSID if it is beyond channel 11. I just figure it out 2 days ago.

Having said that I still remember seeing system busy messages while I was connected with a CAT5 cable. I haven’t connected via CAT5 since September, so I cannot comment if the new firmware makes any difference.

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