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there are plenty of young engineers in switzerland and they (mostly) come from yamaha land (digitally spoken)
they are basically good engineers BUT a bunch of screamers their mixes sound like the yamaha desks (crying cristals aargh)
they use so much compression,their mixes sound like loudnesswar mp3s (in switzerland we call these wav files fondue turds),
the front sound is always at the edge no space left, they do not understand how to create “volume/power sensation” with the subs,
they do not understand how, through a show, one can have relaxing moments…if a tribute to ac/dc band plays ROCKER but the next song on the list is THE JACK i usually bring down the front approx 10 percent (down to 102db), to be able being back “up” full power for THE JACK (108db harhar) wich makes it huge and so on….what can i say i am getting old……
ps: and they havent ever heard of a thing called “midfrequencies” and use gates on floortoms…


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced there is a yamaha conspiracy against the release of the dante )