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I’d want it switchable so that when I’m in soundcheck/setup mode I can keep the usual mix routing options open, but then lock it down and only affect a channel I can see when I’m in “show” mode.

Why would you want to restrict operations during a show? Please could you go into a little more detail of what you want to do.

At the moment it sounds like you want to avoid the possibility of accidentally adjusting a parameter on the wrong channel during the show. Is this correct?

This is something that is possible to accidentally do on every mixer console, even analog desks. You dial in more LF on that snare only to find you’ve got your hands on the Aux for that channel or the LF for the second snare etc.

Its something that is easier to mistakenly do on a digi board but you just have to ensure you hit the “SELECT” button for the appropriate input / channel / group / output before you make any adjustments.

We’ve all been there before!