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To use two surfaces (FOH & Monitor) you will have to use two mixracks (IDR64 and IDR32) linked via suitable port B cards such as ACE, MADI, Dante etc. This will give you a SPLIT of 64 channels (32 output busses) that both surfaces can access. The 64 inputs can be patched in from either mixrack or surface connections but you still can only have a maximum 64 channels available to mix at a time in this split mode. My understanding is that you can use Dante (when it’s available) to link the mixracks and provide a multi record out to Dante virtual soundcard at the same time- the channels used for linking mixracks will also be the record busses – however I wouldn’t count on the Dante cards being available before Christmas. Someone here said January?
If you need to mix more channels then you could connect the mixracks together in Dual rack mode -In your case that would give you 96 XLR inputs (64+32) plus your surface inputs and you’d have 128 DSP mix channels available (64 each rack). You would need an ACE card in the master rack port B and connect this to the slave rack Port A ACE connection. I think you could then also put a Dante card in the slave PORT B to provide record outs etc. The catch with Dual Rack mode is you can’t connect the second surface or do a full split. You would need to use a PC/Editor to do a monitor mix or do monitors from FOH.
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