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No you can’t directly mix all 80 x 40 together and have two surfaces – Gil did answer your question. In split mode (with two compatible port B cards) you can use any of the 80 inputs from either mixrack and assign them to a maximum of 64 processing channels in each mixrack. You are also limited to a maximum of 32 mix busses in each mixrack – which you can freely assign to any of the outputs on either mixrack. You can connect two T112’s in this configeration with independent processing. So in effect you have two 64×32 mixers that can access 80 x 40 connections. Now If you wanted you could submix some channels in one mixrack, and then feed this submix to the other system and vica-versa and actually have 80 channels mixed via two mixracks – But it would be messy as two sound engineers would really need to know what was going where and they would have to rely on each others submix’s!

In DualRack mode (Master ACE Port B to Slave ACE Port A)you can mix any of your 80 XLR inputs plus 16 x T112 surface connections as you now have 128 DSP channels – in this mode both mixrack’s processing is used – 64ch x 2! However you still only have 32 mix busses and are limited to 8 FX and as Gil said you can’t connect a second surface in this mode. You can still do a monitor mix via Editor though.


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