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Hello chaps, I was really hoping the new V1.7.1 Mac Editor would have addressed the Snow Leopard issues but it doesn’t seem to have for me anyway. The editor works fine Online for remote control when connected to a console/MixRack and not used for saving scenes and shows to the computer, but when in Offline mode, it works ok but saving scenes or shows to the computer either results in a very long wait or a perpetual “modifying scene dialogue” same sort of thing for Archiving shows too. I’m using a MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core Duo, with 4 GB RAM and Java SE6. My Java prefs have been set to 32bit and I have tried increasing the memory for the app as described (although I notice this has been increased already to 600 in the V1.7.1 script). I’m having to use the Windows version to program offline in Fusion on my mac until this is sorted. I am also a bit dismayed that you are saying Snow Leopard isn’t being supported yet. Anything else I can try to stop me having to go over to the Dark Side every time I need to program? Many thanks David