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Hi Russel a couple of us use Level One GSW0841 Web Smart Switches with a G-Bic SFP module fitted, this takes a standard LC duplex fibre link which you can then attach to your choice of deployable tactical fibre.
Personally I use the Nuetrik Opticalcon system, but another company I know use Firbre Co. system as used by Diggico and Optocore.

The level one gear seems very reliable though make sure it has good ventilation it can get a little warm.
You should be able to purchase both ends for around the £350 mark the fibre in between you would need to get a quote depending on length required and the type of connector on each end. I had some custom panel work done with Neutrik panel mount Optical connectors and Ethercon links, 150m of fibre on a drum and the total bill was around £1k
Hope this is of interest.