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Hi Toby

I don’t think any consumer-level wireless products would work, but I had not seen these Ubiquiti products before. They claim to have a consistent 150Mbps over large distances, which is obviously enough bandwidth. The ACE link does not care about latency, but what does matter is the regularity of the packets – in order to keep latency down, there is only a very small buffer for incoming packets, so if the wireless link goes for say 20 microseconds without getting any through, then delivers 4 in quick succession, the audio will likely be interrupted. It might be interesting to see how well or if it works at all, but I suspect you will have no way to test it out without buying the equipment.

The more robust solution in my opinion would be to use a pair of media converters and run optical. I’m not sure what it would cost, but I know you can get fibre that you could be run under the water.


– Jeff, A&H

Jeff, Could you be more specific regarding the media converters required to run optical. What make/models will work?

Russel Goodwin