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I’m able to fit 2 input windows on my tablet screen:1-32 for main house mix and 33-64 for monitors. I also have custom strip window and stereo matrix list(tops/subs/center fills) stand alone. Everything fits nicely on my motion computing LE1700. It is essential to have direct access to all input faders all the time. I’m not convinced yet any ipad editor will be able to beat tablet pc & pen combination. Yes, I can only do/move one thing at a time, but it looks like you can only move 2-3 faders at a time on ipad and they must be located in the same 8ch group.(I only saw yamaha’s app at this point.)

So, I can’t wait to hear more about this tactile control solution.

For those who cannot afford surface control(like me) and have to do everything from a tablet, life is a little bit different than those who only have to use computer while line checking/monitor eq’ing. So, I’m still not convinced how this ipad solution will change my vision.

I still think it is more important to release an iMonitor app for iphone. A&H will be clearly distinguished from the rest of the market with that option. We have tons of musicians with iphones and when you do things from a tablet pc if you can let 2-3 people do their own monitors from the stage, it helps a lot while mixing a 15 piece band with 7 wedges+2 IEMs.

Since I switched to IDR32 from LS9 I asked the keyboard player to bring his netbook and I let him adjust his vocal and keyboards in his monitor.
There are so many different situations/scenarios where letting a musician do his/her monitor mix can lead to trouble, however it is one heck of option if we had it!!!

I haven’t seen A&H ipad app yet, therefore my expectations might be wrong. So 2 more months we will all know.

Motion computing LE1700
Where is my DANTE & iMonitor?