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I know it’s super lazy of me, but I would like to see the ‘libraries’ a little fuller. If I’m doing a quick mix, it would be useful to be able to pull some ‘safe’ compressors, gates, EQs, etc. for toms, voices, basses and the like. Our LS9 is stuffed full of that kind of thing, and, in tight spots, I find it useful.

I agree, having some default processing libraries for things like drums, vocals, bass would have been helpful when I was starting on the iLive. I’ve gradually built my own, but on the Yamaha I usually started with theirs and tweaked them. Just faster.

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Maybe this is something the community here can supply for newer users?
All you would need to do is set up an xml file of your favorite settings and just upload it somewhere and link to it on the forums.