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Thanks for your help, Andy.

Our new IDR is happily installed at home for set-up and testing, and I have no problems accessing it via the routers and switches, from behind our firewall / modem.

AND … wonder of wonders! … I can access the IDR from iTweak over the net! :-)

It took some fiddling, because it was difficult to establish whether the ports were open and indeed whether the IP address was even accessible, as my ISP doesn’t allow pinging or port scanning, funnily enough … :-)

Things to note:

1. It takes time for the iTweak to ‘find’ the IDR over the net, so be patient: give it a minute or so before starting over.
2. The ‘delay’ in producing an effect on the IDR varies: if you haven’t done anything for a while, the connection seems to ‘sleep’, and then wake up. The delay seems to be around 0.3secs, which would be quite close to the ping return time I would think, and it’s absolutely acceptable in a set-up like this.
3. Flattening EQ’s seems to do a double-take: it only seems to work on the second attempt: this might be my inexperience with iTweak.
4. The DYNDNS service seems to be free, and it works instantaneously.

Other than that, this whole process gave me wood, and will save me a lot of time, driving up and down the motorway to fix small mix problems in clubs … :-)

Great job, A&H!

(Now, please kick Dante into gear! :-))