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I’ve done some measurements of how ACE utilizes 100Mb network. It’s constant at about 88 … 92%. If you refer to wireless as media, then YES, but I’m afraid WiFi (if that is what you ment by saying wireless) can’t do that. This is because WiFi does not support 100 Mbit at all, even though some products claim “108 Mb Speeds”. At the time NO consumer or commercially available WiFi product can sustain more than 54 Mb continuous, and very few even manage to do that. ACE architecture expects a full-time 100Mb link, such as would be maintained by a standard wired network CAT-5 cable.

However, there are two other WIRELESS solutions: Infra-Red Laser-based Ethernet (known as “Free Space Optics”) and microwave-based Ethernet. I’m certain that by now there are many suppliers for these techologies.