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Hi Kent,

I’m not sure I understand your question.

In the UK at least, most ISP’s will charge extra for a static IP on the WAN side of your router.

If you havn’t paid for this service, which most people don’t, the IP address lease given to the WAN side of your router will change from time to time.

This has security advantages, but also presents a problem for the Laptop running Editor which is connecting from the remote location. If you havn’t paid for a static IP address, and you therefore connect using the dynamicly leased WAN IP address, sooner or later it will change and you will no longer be able to connect.

DDNS is a way of using a hostname for your router at the MixRack location, which will always point to the correct dynamic WAN IP address.

Normally this is achieved by a piece of software running on either the router (most have it built in) or a PC inside your private network.

The software contacts a public server on the internet and periodically updates a hostname which acts as an alias for your routers WAN IP address.

So instead of typing in in Editor, you’d type something like MyMixRack.DynDNS.com. The Dynamic DNS provider then keep the records up to date as and when your IP address changes, so MyMixRack is always points to the correct IP Address.

Check out Wiki for a better explanation:


Or Dynamic DNS, for a possible service provider:


Hope this helps