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The Aspen thing was interesting – I wonder how many companies would follow that path? You can imagine something like that being very popular with forum users (pro users swapping custom templates and the like)… Me, I’d just be happy at the moment with the promised iPad app (I bought an iPad last week in anticipation – even using Tweak on it is more fun than the iPhone!)!
Dante does seem to have the edge as Wouter says – the use of standard IP protocols is just a winner of an idea – relying on external hardware to perform conversions and transfers on data which is already digitally outputted seems a bit daft when you think about it, the less things I need to carry, and the less pieces that can go wrong seems like common sense to me!

iDR32 mixrack
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Sennheiser IEM (for PFL)
Dante card (soon!)