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thats it has anybody a more detailed idea why i should get dante or “better” rocknet (including communication with other systems such as studer yamaha and so on)
some pro and cons would be very interesting

For me, Dante is the future, Rocknet is not, not at all.

1. Because Dante is based on IP standards and Rocknet is not!
2. Because the Dante card includes a virtual soundcard and the Rocknet card does not!
3. Audinate made it clear that they will offer an upgrade path into AVB (the IEEE standard for the future) and rocknet does not!
4. There are even more reasons, but this is already enough for me…

Want more reasons why Dante seems to be the future?
Rocknet seems to be limited to 160 channels of 48kHz 24bit… now check out Dante: “For audio with a sample rate of 48kHz and a bit-depth of 24bits, 512 x 512 audio channels can be sent over a single 1Gbit/s link, giving a total of 1024 bi-directional channels. For 96kHz 24bit audio the channel capacity is halved.”

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!