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Hi Guy / Frank,

We’ve tried this out a couple of times and it should work.

I’m sure there are lots of exotic setup’s you could be using, but ill describe a setup with 2 locations, each with a ADSL connection.

In each location I’m assuming you have an ADSL modem with integrated firewall and NAT enabled router.

I’ll also assume a laptop running editor in one location and a Mixrack in the other.

Typically your modem will have a http front end for setup. You can type the IP address of the modem into a web browser and after entering some security details you should be able to do the following:

The firewall on the modem at the Mixrack location needs to be configured to allow ports TCP 51321 and TCP 51324. If you don’t have a hardware firewall or its disabled then skip this step.

Next if you’re using “NAT” I.E your internal IP addresses are private and local (typically 192.168.x.x) and your WAN IP address is public, you will need to setup a “port forward” on the modem at the MixRack location for TCP 51321 and TCP 51324 to the local private IP address of the Mixrack (typically

Whilst setting this up you need to make a note of the units WAN IP address – This can typically be found under “status”. Note this address may change from time to time depending on your ISP, therefore so some people prefer to use dynamic DNS(DDNS), which is a way of giving your modem a public name or alias which doesn’t change, which always points to the correct WAN IP Address.

Thats about it, now all you have to do at the other location is connect Editor to the public WAN IP address you noted down earlier or DDNS address.

Simply choose MixRack only, then type in the IP address, and it should connect.

Hope this helps