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And to add to the original question, how about this as a possibility? I apologize if this was answered elsewhere.

What if he added another M-ACE card but put in port B of his slave?
Then connect the xDR-16 to Port B of the *slave* mix rack.
I’m still assuming firmware v 1.70, which is now current.

This is for those who already have a slave mix rack, but their slave’s input and output count is too low (i.e. for slaves smaller than the iDR-64). Can they later build the *slave’s* I/O count with the expander so the expander’s I/O appears on channels 65-128?

And assuming this arrangement would even work, how would any given T-Series expansion card in Port B of the xDR-16 behave? Would it behave as expected in the xDR-16 regardless of the upstream mix rack configuration, or would that card not function properly if at all?

Just wondering what’s possible as we use equipment for different applications.