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What I am envisioning for scene EQ is that I would like to be able to write the show (which mics are on/off) etc a week or two before starting rehearsals. However, currently I can’t really do that, because the first thing I have to do upon loading into a new venue is to EQ the room/wedges, etc. If I do that, then I have to then go thru each scene that I have written and update the room or wedge EQ’s. This is tedious, and kind of defeats the purpose of pre-writing the show scene by scene into a show.

Jonathan Wade
Suburban Legend Audio

Why not just exclude the room/wedge eq from all of your scenes that way it never gets touched by the scenes? You could either untick it in the save options or safe it so the scenes won’t overwrite it. (Unless I am missing something in what you are wanting to do.)