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…in the example used in most theatre settings when one singer is replaced by a sub, for part of a run, that equals different EQ for sure….and therefore should be in all scenes if needed… same with pre amp gain….like I said both digico SD8-9 and digidesign venue/profile have implemented very decent scene management, no need to reinvent the wheel at that level until ILive’s scenes gets there!

I agree that we should not reinvent and an update scope is indeed necessary. What I wanted to say was that so far I’m not completely against the iLive concept of only putting things in a scene “if you really want to change them”. The way that is accomplished is still too complicated however.

In the story with the different casts for theater, in the iLive world this would mean just making a copy of the setup scene and adjusting the EQ and gain for that cast member in that scene and, why not, store it for that specific cast.

But even that isn’t perfect, not in iLive and, as far as I know, although better, also not in Digico scene management.

Scene management should IMO be splitted into mix setup (gains, general EQ, basic moitor mix) and on the other side real scenes. The setup part should ideally offer cast management for musicals so you can just indicate the cast for that night. (Using some kind of stored channel settings for instance)

Both “real” and setup scenes should offer a kind of a variant system and at least some sort of versioning. Just to be clear, I don’t mean that “real” scenes” cannot contain any EQ changes.

Let’s keep on talking about “ideal scene management”. It’s in our interrest that A&H know what we really need :-)