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I agree with the fact that some sort of multi-update possibility must exist but… the question is also: why put monitor EQ or room EQ in all the scenes in the first place. A&H designed the current scene system with a kind of a setup-scene and a series of track scenes in mind.

That way, monitor EQ, room EQ and things like preamp gain would most of the times only need to be stored in that one global setup scene.


Woutert, I have to disagree with your last statement……in the example used in most theatre settings when one singer is replaced by a sub, for part of a run, that equals different EQ for sure….and therefore should be in all scenes if needed…….same with pre amp gain……like I said both digico SD8-9 and digidesign venue/profile have implemented very decent scene management, no need to reinvent the wheel at that level until ILive’s scenes gets there!