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Originally posted by Wolfgang

no, i donĀ“t use the scene up/down/go keys for scene recalls. no more! last year i had a big problem with a unintended scene recall with my elbow :-(

to resolve my (little) problem, a “scene + 1”-softkey could help me to economize this keys
my dream:
– 4 keys for 4 effect-engines
– this keys recall a standard effect-scene in a effect engine
– the “scene+1” key let me switch to the next effect-scenes from this starting points
I should like to have 5 keys to recall a lot of FX-scenes -without risk of unintended effects

I hope you understand my english ;-)

You can set the soft keys to recall a specified scene. So, lets say you are on scene 4, you can set a soft key in scene 4 to recall scene 5 when pressed, and then in scene 5, that same soft key could then be set to recall scene 6, and so on. Is that what you are refering to doing?

By the way, in response to the original question, we use a couple of them as talkback assign to different monitor/aux. feeds.

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