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The end result is networking 2 ilive systems together. I/O from any where I run cabling for I/O. But running multiple systems with their own dedicated I/O off of pl 10s. I can run multiple audio systems off of 1 mix rack with a laptop. Now I want to be able to put everything on network. So the Dante card will do what I reedit too. I don’t need to control multiple systems only routing of I/O. I need the larger mix racks because the amount of inputs and outputs I need between the 2 mixradks to run multiple systems.

The xdr16 system is super sweet and I want it for the FOH but it isn’t large enough for this application. I’ll be pulling cat5, that’s no big deal. It’s about 200ft between the 2nd potential system.

7 completely individual audio systems ran simultaneously using dedicated DCA outs, 6 of them ran by PL devises from one iDR48 and a computer and the other has it’s own iDR 48 and T112. Ok so now… Network all inputs and outputs via cat5 between the two mix racks. The ace card will do that but the Dante seems much better in that it just creates it’s own network that I can route from. Remember I don’t need control over two mix racks just I/O.