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dschmoldt! can you elaborate on your setup with sfx? I am prepping a show with Qlab with similar needs to trigger scene changes from within the application….as there is no midi access to the editor I will have to use a midi interface (was hoping to do away with this) and trigger all internally, since both Qlab and Editor are on the same mac……..

Triggering scene recalls with the iLive through MIDI is pretty similar to scene recalls with a Yamaha, Behringer and other digital mixers. They all use the same protocol.

Basically send a MIDI command as a Program Change (C0h), then for MIDI data, send the scene number you want to record mus 1, since MIDI is zero-based.

Example: To recall Scene 5, send a Program Change with a MIDI data of 4.

If you need to recall iLive scenes higher than 128, do the same thing using MIDI bank 2.

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