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You will need shielded CAT5/6 if you want to also run phantom power down the ETS instasnake units.
I opted to replace the main ilive CAT5 cable with Sommer Cables SC-Monocat Power 212 cable. This provides mains power, 2 x Shielded CAT6, and 2 x Balanced line: https://www.sommercable.com/2__default/index.html
I can now have the iLive ACE connection, another CAT 6 for various possible uses such as ACE/Dante/Video over CAT5/redundant ACE/ laptop connection etc etc, plus I have a dedicated Comms line, and can use the other balanced line for DMX/Lighting etc. I made up a 50m snake from that cable and have had no connection or ACE issues with it. It’s a very tough cable and makes a great one cable solution for a variety of events/shows.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd