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Hi Steve


Okay, that sounds like it will work, next question would be, where will those inputs show up? Will they add to the end of where the IDR-16 leaves off or are they completely assignable to any of the 128 inputs?

To assign the inputs from the expander go to any dsp channel between 1-64 and select xDR xpander from the pre-amp source drop down box. You will not be able to assign xpander channels directly to 65-128.

Hi Chad


I now have a question I have a similar setup, and I thought that the first 32 channels of ace between the two mixracks were already taken up by the slave sending info back. I started my returns on 33, and it is working fine. If I am wrong let me know, I may not change my setup but will know for future setups.

The 32 reserved channels are only sent from the slave mixrack to the Master mixrack for system linking dual rack inputs which is why you can only assign channels 33-64 over the dual rack link from slave to master.
Sending audio from the master mixrack to the slave mixrack you are free to assign all 64 channels how you wish.

Sam A&H