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As a specialist iLive/iPad software app it may be more expensive than people are suggesting here. The iLive app is only useful to people with an iLive system and an iPad. Thats not a very big market compared to just about every other app made and so to cover continued development costs A&H may make have to push the price a bit. I have a specialist lighting app for example (Luminair) that was around US$100 and that app could be useful to any lighting person(Not limited to one hardware product so a larger potential sales market). I guess it might come down to how it is seen as a marketing tool and given Yamaha’s announced “Stagemix” iPad app there is certainly competition out there.
Personally if it’s under $100 then great but I won’t be surprised if it’s over that. I’m holding off buying a tablet PC until there’s more detail on this app and what it can offer compared to a tablet PC with editor.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd