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Yes it is possible to add 1 XDR16 expander to your dual mixrack setup. You will need to make sure redundant link is turned off in the Port B options page of the Master Mixrack. You then need to connect your Slave mixrack to Link 1 of your Master mixrack Port B ACE module and the expander to Link 2.
Remeber all devices on the network must have a unique and compatible IP address.

Okay, that sounds like it will work, next question would be, where will those inputs show up? Will they add to the end of where the IDR-16 leaves off or are they completely assignable to any of the 128 inputs?


This is possible in the current firmware.
To do this go to the outputs page and select your slave mixrack from the drop down box at the top of the screen. Select an output socketm in the output source select you will have a list of output types listed such as:
Mixrack inputs (slave mixrack inputs)
ACE (any signal you send out of the master mixrack port B slot will be available here)
e.g. To output mono group 1 out of Slave mixrack output socket G1: – go to the outputs page of your master mixrack and select the Port B tab. assign Mono group 1 to port B channel 1 – then select your slave mixrack from the drop down menu at the top of the outputs page – select socket G1 of the slave mixrack and set the output source as ACE channel 1 – you should now have mono group 1 coming out of the first output socket on your slave mixrack.

Also make sure your slave mixrack ACE link is plugged into link 1 on the master mixrack Port B, to avoid any routing problems.

Hope this helps

Sam A&H

Thanks, I will try this out!