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OK my brains been workin overtime and I’ve been thinkin that perhaps it might be possible to do a split ilive system with two mixracks/two surfaces and have the new xDR16 expander with Dante card installed to provide additional/record outputs????

Like this: FOH Surface (say a T112) ACE port A connected to Mixrack 1 (lets say an IDR48). The IDR 48 is fitted with an ACE card in port B(not in redundant mode) with the first ACE card socket going to an xDR16 ACE port A input, then the second ACE card socket (on Mixrack 1) providing outputs only to Mixrack #2 (Lets say an IDR16)also fitted with an ACE card and connected via port B ACE, then the second Monitor surface (R72) connected to the IDR16 via ACE port A.

The xDR16 could then be loaded with a Dante or other port B card to provide further outputs splits etc?

Anyone know if this is possible or would work???


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd