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From the iLive website:
All the benefits of DanteTM compatibility are now accessible to iLive users. The Dante Audio Interface Card allows iLive digital mixing systems to interface with Audinate‚Äôs Dante audio networking solution, providing capacity for 64×64 bi-directional audio with full network redundancy. It takes seconds to fit the Dante Audio Interface Card in Port B of any iLive MixRack or in Port A of an iLive Modular Surface fitted with the RAB2 module.

Dante delivers a no hassle, self configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols over 100Mb and/or Gigabit Ethernet. Patent-pending Dante technology distributes digital audio plus integrated control data with sub millisecond latency, sample-accurate playback synchronization, extreme reliability and high channel counts.

iDR32 mixrack
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Sennheiser IEM (for PFL)
Dante card (soon!)