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That’s right – I’d assume you’ll want more than your kit in there, but the principle stays the same – mirror the inputs (i.e. select the channel strip preamp section & simply assign the input to be the same as your actual drum inputs on the iDR), set that channel to show ‘trim’ on the surface (so you don’t accidentally mess with the FOH mix) and setup whatever you’ll need in a custom strip: the required channels, whichever Aux fader you’ll need, and anything else you require (eg are you using one of the FX busses for your monitor mix?) – every time you open editor that custom strip should be there ready to go…
Again, if you set the Aux to post fade you’ll have control over individual channel EQs etc, and as you’ll be the only one controlling these strips you can just set them to unity gain on the fader, and mix as per usual on the Aux mix controls…
I’ve been thinking about this kind of setup as I’ve got a touring act coming in October & I’ll be on stage running monitors from a laptop side of stage doing exactly as I’ve described (except I’ll be controlling 6-8 sends of monitors, but the concept’s the same)…

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