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Hi moses and RayS

I think Ray made a little more complicated than necessary.
I’ve done what you are asking for.
Here is the process:
1 – First thing you should do is assign your top buttons to Scene Recal for some high numbers, 50 to 54 for example.
2 – Set up your first scene by assigning send levels to the encoders in the PL10.
3 – Save this scene to #50 (for example) Make sure that only the PL parameter is selected for that scene. (the same for all other PL scenes)
4 – Save this same set up to Scene 51, but now change the rotaries to the next 8 channel send levels. Also change your scene button LED status to on or off according to the scene you are working on.
5 – Update Scene 51 with the new settings.
6 – Repeat steps 4 and 5 for as many scenes you need.

Hopefully this makes sense.

BTW.. I’d recommend you only select a few channels to your worship leader. Barely ever, the WL needs everything in their ears.

if you have any questions on this set-up, let me know and I’ll try to explain a little more clear. It’s late, and I may not make much sense.

take care

Gil Parente
Design & Integration
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