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People, is this gain thing SO important? You need another iDR anyway, so what is the problem to have analog split before these 2 iDRs? It’s no that expensive -new ARX or KT boxes are quite affordable.


Hi, i already have two IDR racks, one IDR48 and a IDR16 ( which i love to do small gigs when 16/8 is enough I/0) so if i want to split analog i am limited to 16ch if i use the IDR16 and IDR48.That is not enough for me.It is not my intention to by another IDR32 especialy if i have all the processpower and preamps already available to split analog to 32inputs .As for now i can not use dual rack and combine the two racks to 64input and split analog to 32 because i can not use 2 surfaces in dual rack mode ( correct me if i am wrong).
SO why would trim with auto adjust not work for now? The BE can still use the preamp and the mon engineer use the trim.( to be honnest we dont have a band mon engineer that often)
of course make dual rack mode with 2 control surfaces work would solve my preamp problem.

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